Personal Chef Service

Which service suits you, Personal Chef or Private Chef?

Although often confused.

Personal Chefs

May cook for several families or individuals. Once every week or two, a personal chef will shop for the groceries, go to the client’s home and prepare several dishes at one time in the client’s kitchen, then package and store those meals in the refrigerator or freezer and provide the clients with serving instructions.

You don�t have to be a celebrity to hire a personal chef who provides you with delicious dishes personalized to your taste, and leaves you the precious gift of time. It is a convenient and affordable solution for a broad range of clients, including:

  • Busy professionals, singles and couples
  • Foodies who want to enjoy great meals in the comfort of their home
  • Families on the go who wish to eat in a healthier way
  • Individuals with specific dietary restrictions

Private Chefs

Prepare multi-course meals that are eaten once prepared. There is no freezing or re-heating involved. Private Chefs will work in cooperation with other staff and a kitchen helper/dishwasher. They plan the menu with the client, shop for the ingredients, and prepare a meal of your choice. Whilst many Private Chefs work for one family, some have many clients.

The perfect way to serve trouble free dinner parties or celebration meals.

I have many clients who find both services absolutely lifesaving and I would be delighted to provide either service for you. Contact to discuss which would suit you and your lifestyle. Just Imagine…

  • Instead of ordering fast food for delivery, wouldn�t it be nice to come home to a delicious meal.
  • Just let me know about your dietary preferences and health goals, and i will take care of every single detail so that you can enjoy healthy and delicious meals in the comfort of your own home.
  • Trying yet again to shed those pounds, I can provide a full dietary plan and all the meals to make it happen this time.

Rates and Fees vary considerably but as a general guideline minimum of 3hrs, plus travel and food costs – �50.00/hr