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A personalised plan for food that really feeds you

I have designed a unique and effective style of creative healthy eating, using really fresh whole foods to develop delicious recipes that inspire a passion for cooking.

We are all increasingly aware of how important food is to our wellbeing but so often, we struggle to know just how to put healthy meals together or how to stick to a diet and maintain energy levels in a busy life.

Much of the information available on the subject of diet and health can be confusing and, sadly, conflicting. Cuisine Vivante can help you find a clear and down to earth approach. It will help to clarify many of the areas that often obstruct us when we are thinking of making the change towards a healthy, enjoyable style of eating.

After 15 years as Dietary Adviser and Executive Chef with the Bristol Cancer Help Centre (now Penny Brohn Cancer Care), I continue to follow a passion for making healthy eating exciting, inspirational, delicious and fun! Food that really �feeds� you!

I am an award winning chef and published author* with over two decades of experience in creating specialised diets addressing a wide range of food issues, including energy loss, weight management, food intolerances, alkaline balancing, and many other serious health challenges such as cancer and heart disease.

I love putting the enjoyment back into cooking, finding a clear and simple approach to the food choices that support your optimum wellbeing, or that of a loved one. It�s about abundance, flavour, and having fun with food.

Whatever your goals, your diet can make a significant difference. Research supports eating well to enhance life and health whether you are struggling to manage your weight or recover from, or prevent serious illness.


Get in touch to book a telephone consultation. This will usually last about an hour and provides an opportunity to establish what you want to achieve through your healthy eating programme.

I will follow up with notes on our chat, recommendations and a dietary plan with recipes to get you going and keep you inspired.

You may be trying to lose weight but also cooking for a family, you may recently have been diagnosed with a health condition and want to explore the best ways to support your optimum wellbeing and recovery through diet. You may even have consulted a nutritionist and are unsure of how to put their advice into action in your kitchen. Everyone has unique needs and lifestyles, so it�s important to find the best approach for you.

I will help you to build confidence in your weekly shop, explore different and healthy approaches to your food choices, and help you source fresh and local ingredients to suit your diet. This is Cuisine Vivante at its best � delicious, energy-giving and designed for you

Just send a mail to book an appointment

An initial chat is free and the fee for telephone consultation/notes and advice is �80.00


Would you like to share your enthusiasm to know more about the Cuisine Vivante approach with your local community? You may belong to a Health Support Group, gym, WI, Health Spa or Leisure Centre? I am happy to come and give a talk and answer questions on the obstacles in the way of achieving a healthier diet. The cost can be shared between the group. Numbers no problem � I�ve talked to groups of 10 to 1000!

�220 + travel costs and, of course, you provide the venue.

I also work closely with Dr. Rosy Daniel BSc MBBch, who can provide full mentorship support for management and recovery from illness through

artichoke hearts with citrus beans
Fillet of sea bass with buckwheat pilaf