About Me

I am a professional chef, teacher and dietary advisor with a lifelong love of food: – cooking food, eating food, growing food, writing about food, discovering food and of course, the joy of feeding people and convivial dining.

I have many years of experience preparing delicious food that looks fabulous, everything from family meals to exclusive celebrity weddings.
The enjoyment of food is key to our wellbeing, and in today�s busy world, many of us find less and less time to spend in our kitchens. Having the services of a personal chef is no longer just for the world of celebrities – and while I have many celebrity clients, i have found an increasing demand and interest in my services as a way to feed the family or fill the freezer with delicious meals.

Click on the �personal chef service� to see how it may work for you.
Even if you can find the time, we don�t all have the skills to easily produce great meals ourselves and often we spend more than our budget allows buying ready meals or fast food – the most expensive and least healthy way to eat. I have designed and run many teaching programmes to help you learn easy, quick ways to inspire and improve your home cooking. Have a look at courses to see if there is one to suit you. If not, contact me and I can design a course to meet your individual needs.

Of course, you may require catering for a special occasion – however special – whatever the theme or dream, I have a fantastic team who can make it real for you. Click �catering� to see what we can do to create the perfect event.

I have spent many years working in the world of holistic health and well being and have learned how much difference our food and our way of eating can improve our health, both in the prevention of, and recovery from serious health challenges. Many of my clients have experienced fast and great benefits from my personalised approach. I can also support you with the creation of an individualized weight management plan to suit your needs and lifestyle. See �dietary advice� to see how it may help you.

However well you eat and however good your nutritional balance, you can only get the best from your food if you keep your blood well oxygenated and that means exercise! I am now teaching a beautiful, easy to learn form of tai chi for well being (TMW) with great results. Go to the �exercise page to see find a class near you.